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Evaporative cooling media

Don’t Let Heat Cost You More Money

The agriculture industry has long struggled to keep temperatures regulated while not breaking the bank. This is still an ongoing issue – especially during the hot summer months. For those located in warmer climates, the heat quickly becomes unbearable and begins to impact animal/plant growth, productivity, and the bottom line.

The industry changed drastically in 2020 and the rollercoaster trend seems to be steady for 2021. Increased demand for food availability, land prices at a premium, climate change, and the cost of feed changing monthly make life difficult. The agriculture industry is one of many that keep pushing for more energy-efficient and cost-saving ways to keep operating, even during the hottest part of summer.  With our Kuul Vitality Series, the stress of keeping barns, greenhouses, plants, and animals at the right temperature is one less thing to dwell on.


USA Made

Made in Center, Texas, United States, Kuul evaporative media is created with industry-leading materials for durable, long-lasting cooling.  Designed for the agriculture industry, Kuul Vitality meets efficiency standards and exceeds pressure drop requirements while keeping replacement costs low – our media was made to withstand harsh environments.

Along with the innovative process, our Texas-based customer service representatives are a phone call away to answer questions about media, water, or add-ons. This equals a better cooling system that has the lowest total cost of ownership for you.


Don’t let cooling be a factor in your bird size, grow-out, or feed conversion! Contact us today to find out how Kuul Vitality can help save you money!


Every piece of Kuul® evaporative media is backed with the corporate integrity of Portacool . For more than 25 years , we have made customer satisfaction our priority and we can not wait to prove it to you.

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