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Evaporative Cooling For Crypto Mining

Improve Crypto Mining Performance With Evaporative Cooling

Energy Efficient: Most methods of cooling crypto mining operations rely on compressors to pump out chilled air which requires a significant amount of energy to operate. Evaporative cooling, on the other hand, utilizes a water-soaked medium that air is pulled through by a fan. When the air is pulled through the medium, it interacts with the water to scrub heat molecules from the air. Since evaporative cooling requires fewer materials and does not need a compressor to operate, crypto mining operations could save 50% in cooling-related energy costs per year just by switching to evaporative cooling and using Kuul’s customizable evaporative media.

Cost-Effective: The benefits of Evaporative cooling don’t stop at energy savings. Typical air conditioning and chilling units can cost thousands to install and require bi-yearly maintenance by a professional to operate optimally. Since evaporative cooling requires fewer materials to operate, it also requires less maintenance which can produce considerable savings over the course of a year. Keep in mind that not all evaporative media is created equally. By using Kuuls evaporative media, you not only get a 1 year warranty but also superior water absorption properties and saturation efficiency, making it ideally suited to provide the enhanced cooling performance required in a crypto mining environment.

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