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Evaporative Cooling Media: Horticulture Edition

Staying cool and keeping your business running without breaking the bank can be difficult. While there are many cooling options available around the world, many are expensive and harmful to the environment. Instead of spending an entire budget on cooling, millions choose to utilize the natural cooling effects of evaporative media. If you are familiar with evaporative media, you probably know that media is used in many different applications, including evaporative coolers, poultry houses, data centers, and gas turbine builds. Not only is media used to control temperature and increase cost savings in the above applications, but it is also used in many different horticulture settings.

What is Horticulture?

Horticulture is defined as the science and art of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, or ornamental plants.  The real question is: what is included in this definition? According to the International Society for Horticultural Science, the crops associated with the horticulture industry are:

For the layman, thinking about horticulture, you may only think of a greenhouse full of flowers – as noted above, that is just the beginning of this expansive industry. Branching out from flowers in a greenhouse, this industry includes growing lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, cannabis, and many other high-class crops. While greenhouses are a vital feature of the horticulture industry, many different options, including fruit/vegetable storage and propagation, are also classified in the industry.

How does Evaporative Cooling benefit this industry?

Growth in the horticulture industry is key, and keeping plants at the optimal temperature for maximum growth allows this industry to thrive. The mantra for those in horticulture is “max production (growth), minimum loss.” Those who do not possess a green thumb know that too much or too little heat will kill a plant in a short amount of time. When considering the storage options for fruits and vegetables, colder environments keep the harvest fresh and improve shelf life. Keeping the temperature cool, steady, and reliable creates better product profitability.

In tropical or intense heat climates, it becomes imperative to keep greenhouses and storage facilities cooler. This is where evaporative media can be utilized. Because the media uses water (which you will also need to keep plants alive), this is a safe, natural way to keep plants cool during oppressive heatwaves. Evaporative cooling media uses no harsh chemicals that could damage the plants or the environment, and it utilizes less electricity than traditional air conditioning.

Along with the cooling benefits, evaporative media can be harnessed for humidity control. Due to the utilization of water, evaporative media can introduce more humidity to an environment in the right conditions. Some plants, like orchids, thrive in more humid conditions, and if the greenhouse or growing environment is located in an arid or desert climate, creating that additional humidity for optimal growth can be difficult. Installing an evaporative media system can be an effective solution.

Kuul is the industry leader in evaporative cooling media and is committed to providing the best care possible to meet all client needs. Made in our Center, Texas facility, Kuul Vitality has custom options available to fit any horticulture need – from greenhouses to potato storage. Contact our customer service team at kuulsupport@portacool.com and (800) 695-2942 to discuss the best evaporative cooling media for your industry.