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Kuul Control Origin™

Evaporative cooling media

Custom options for any application or industry

The Kuul Control series is a customizable line of evaporative media that is designed to meet any industry need.  Made in Center, Texas, United States, Kuul Control has market-leading water absorption properties, reduced pressure drop, and superior ROI. Finding the right Kuul solution is easy to control with multiple products engineered to meet your industry needs.

Kuul Control Origin™ evaporative media is a premier line of specialized evaporative media that provides enhanced cooling performance and reduced pressure drop due to the choice of materials, our design process, and manufacturing technique.


Every piece of Kuul® evaporative media is backed with the corporate integrity of Portacool . For more than 25 years , we have made customer satisfaction our priority and we can not wait to prove it to you.

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Origin used in these industries

Industrial Residential Data Centers


Can I use reverse osmosis or deionized water?

You should avoid using reverse osmosis or deionized water. For additional information on media, please see the Maintenance Guide or give us a…Learn More

I’ve heard that Kuul is “better” or “improved” when compared to old evaporative media. What’s that mean?

In the past, we have developed products for the poultry industry and used them for everything. As we have learned more and focused…Learn More

Just tell me already, how much will it lower my temperature?

Unfortunately, there is not an easy answer for this question – we aren’t just throwing out marketing spin! – there are simply too…Learn More

What is the minimum and maximum pH range?

The pH levels should be less than 8 and greater than 6. Please refer to the Maintenance Guide for additional information.Learn More

What can I use to clean the media for scale build up or algae?

Disinfectants used at low and safe concentrations per manufacturer guidelines (ex: chlorine at 1-2 ppm can be a disinfectant). For additional information on…Learn More