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Kuul Vitality ViTech™

Evaporative cooling media

Ideal Kuul Technology: Kuul Vitality ViTech™ evaporative media

At industry standard air flow velocity, Kuul ViTech evaporative media meets efficiency standards and exceeds pressure drop requirements. Not only does Kuul evaporative media last longer, but helps keep your whole cooling system running longer by adding less stress to moving components. Effective cooling, longer lasting evaporative media and low pressure drop for the lowest total cost of ownership.

Why Kuul ViTech performance makes a difference:

  • Reliably provides cooling performance when you need it most
  • Much lower air-pressure drop allows for greater house ventilation rates with fewer fans in operation at one time — this means less energy cost spent on ventilation
  • Allows for higher cool air flow through the house which results in superior bird performance
  • The strongest media in the industry, Kuul Vitality lasts much longer than other brands, allowing more years of service before needing replacement


Every piece of Kuul® evaporative media is backed with the corporate integrity of Portacool . For more than 25 years , we have made customer satisfaction our priority and we can not wait to prove it to you.

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Poultry Swine Dairy

Kuul Evaporative Media

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