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The Benefits of Evaporative
Pre-Cooling for Your Chiller

Kuul Views | June 2024


As summer approaches, rising temperatures can challenge the efficiency of your chillers. If left untouched, this can negatively affect the ability to maintain optimal temperatures in your data centers, manufacturing facilities, or other commercial operations.

Failing to implement a solution to these increasing cooling challenges can strain your budget, lower efficiency, and hinder your ability to achieve your sustainability goals.

At Condair, we understand these challenges, which is why we offer advanced evaporative pre-cooling solutions. Adding evaporative pre-cooling to your chillers can enhance their performance, boost capacity, and improve efficiency.

To highlight the benefits properly, it’s important to define evaporative pre-cooling and to paint a picture of the optimization you’ll achieve by integrating Condair’s pre-cooling solutions into your operations.

What is Evaporative Pre-Cooling and How Does It Work?

Cooling installations are among the biggest energy consumers in your business. In hot conditions, many systems struggle with insufficient cooling power, leading to energy loss and ineffective cooling. This can have a major, negative impact on your bottom line.

Adding evaporative pre-cooling, also known as adiabatic pre-cooling, to your system can provide an eco-friendly and energy-efficient solution to improve your cooling.

By relying on the heat in the air to evaporate water, evaporative pre-cooling naturally decreases the temperature of the air entering your chiller so that it doesn’t have to work as hard.

In hot, dry environments, these systems are highly effective cooling solutions.

A diagram showing how precooling works in a cooling systemHere’s How It Works:

Hot outside air is pushed through wet cooling media by a fan. A water pump keeps this cooling media wet by constantly supplying water. As the hot air passes through the wet media, the water evaporates, turning from liquid to gas.

Much like how your body cools itself by sweating, this evaporation helps cool the air before it enters your chiller or condenser. In turn, your chiller can achieve the same result as traditional methods by using a fraction of the energy and water and not having to work quite so hard to cool the pre-cooled air.

Evaporative Pre-Cooling Versus the Alternatives

Alternative options used to increase cooling capacity often come with heavier maintenance requirements, lower cost-effectiveness, and inefficiency on multiple levels.

One traditional option, installing additional chillers, can increase your costs significantly over simply incorporating evaporative pre-cooling systems into existing chillers to improve their effectiveness.

Crude “pre-cooling” systems, which spray water directly onto coils, are initially cheaper but can increase the likelihood of coil corrosion. This leads to an increase in maintenance needs and repair costs in the long term.

How Do Condair’s Products Stack Up Against Competitors?

When adding an evaporative pre-cooling system to your adiabatic chiller, selecting the right media is crucial for optimizing performance.

Kuul Evaporative Media stands out as the leading evaporative cooling media for pre-cooling solutions.

Here’s how Condair’s media products stack up against the competition:

Condair evaporative pre-cooling system incorporated into a cooling system.

Optimize Performance by Improving Cooling System Efficiency

The negative impact of poorly performing cooling systems can keep you awake at night. As one of the most significant sources of energy consumption in your operations, this can quickly eat into your bottom line.

Condiar’s custom and retrofitted pre-cooling solutions are designed to fit your specific needs, helping to reduce costs and maintenance, enhance efficiency, and increase the life expectancy of your equipment. Get started with Kuul Evaporative Media today to get your cooling systems on the right track.

Take the Next Step with Condair

Ready to add an evaporative pre-cooling system to your chiller and achieve substantial cost savings? Reach out now and start optimizing your cooling systems for a better, more efficient future.


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