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Kuul Customer Service

When choosing an evaporative media for your application needs, customer service options may not be an initial deciding factor. However, at Kuul, we will tell you that our customer service is a true differentiator with a lasting impact that positively increases the health (life/lifespan) of your evaporative media. The Texas-based Kuul customer service team personally supports all of our customers. They stay involved well after installation and continue to act as partners during the entire life cycle of your evaporative media. Beyond shipping and logistics, they provide knowledgeable answers relative to four critical areas, including customization, installation, water test results, and maintenance.


Kuul media is uniquely designed to allow customization to fit all systems, no matter what size. Finding the perfect fit for the application is paramount. The Kuul customer service team is dedicated to making sure the evaporative media fits each fixed evaporative system without the need to cut the media once it arrives at the intended final location. We encourage Kuul customers to call our customer service team to relay the dimensions where the media will be placed. The customer service representative will then shepherd the process to ensure the specific measurements are communicated to the Kuul manufacturing team to build and cut the media to scale.


Our Kuul customer service representatives provide a tremendous amount of help when clients are installing their evaporative media. They assist clients in installing the media for the first time – not to mention helping those installing for the tenth time. Kuul evaporative media is specifically engineered for on-spec installation to provide optimum performance. Incorrect installation can significantly reduce the effectiveness and efficiency of the evaporative media. Typically, clients will install their Kuul evaporative media about once every five years if the water quality and media are appropriately maintained. Given there can be a considerable time lag in between installations, a refresher ‘course’ with a Kuul customer service rep on the proper way to install the evaporative media can be useful.

Water test analysis

Water test results are a great indicator of the condition of your evaporative media – although sometimes the test results are hard to read and understand. The Kuul customer service team is well versed in water quality tests and can provide aid when reviewing the information. The customer service team can offer proven ways – with step-by-step instruction – to bring the water back to a safe pH level. We recommend monthly water checks to watch the pH level of the water, as well as other constituents of the water, and recommend keeping the water pH levels between 6.5 and 8.5. Water that is too basic or too acidic is detrimental to the evaporative media and metal-based water systems.


If water is not flowing properly through the evaporative media, call the Kuul customer service team to help review the potential culprits. Often, scale or algae might be to blame. The customer service representative will help walk you through how to clean the media effectively. Typically, a soft bristle brush can be used to remove heavy debris clogging the vents, or a disinfectant at a low and safe concentration per manufacture’s guidelines can help remove algae.

Remember: answers to your questions are just a phone call away. Our leading Texas-based Kuul Customer Service team is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST, with extended hours in the summer, to assist you with any media needs. You can also reach our customer service team at kuulsupport@portacool.com or (800) 695-2942 to discuss the best evaporative cooling media for your cooling needs.