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Kuul Vitality™ Series

Evaporative cooling media

When Cooling is Vital

Made in Center, Texas, United States, Kuul Vitality™ evaporative media is created using an exclusive mix of superior plant-based fiber materials and designed for the specific needs of the agricultural industry. Kuul Vitality produces the optimal cooling experience using a proprietary application of geometrical, intelligent design. These design and material elements set Kuul apart in the marketplace in longevity and durability.

Kuul Vitality ViTech – Kuul Vitality ViTech is the leader in long-lasting, low-pressure drop evaporative media for Poultry, Swine, Cattle, and Horticulture segments. Kuul evaporative media uses a unique design that maximizes surface area allowing enhanced molecular evaporation and cooling efficiency. This means less energy cost and the lowest total cost of ownership.

Kuul Vitality XTech – Kuul Vitality XTech is produced using the highest quality virgin materials and crafted for agricultural industries where evaporation efficiency is a priority. Our unique design and production technique make this the strongest media on the market. In the harsh agriculture environment, you need a product that is made to last. With durability at the forefront of design, our products can withstand even the toughest test in the field.

Available enhancements


A harsh environment calls for parts that can withstand the elements. Add DuraPro™ – Kuul’s proprietary edge coating technology – to your Kuul Vitality evaporative media to add a layer of durability to an already tough product. The dark color prevents light from entering the media and reduces algae growth. When used on the bottom edge of evaporative media, DuraPro prevents the media from dissolving.


Every piece of Kuul® evaporative media is backed with the corporate integrity of Portacool . For more than 25 years , we have made customer satisfaction our priority and we can not wait to prove it to you.

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Designed to fit the agriculture industry needs for durability

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Designed with a low-pressure drop for the agriculture industry

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Kuul Vitality™ Media

At industry standard air flow velocity, Kuul Vitality™ evaporative media meets efficiency standards and exceeds pressure drop requirements. Not only does Kuul® evaporative media last longer, but helps keep your whole cooling system running longer by adding less stress to moving components. Count on Kuul for effective cooling, longer lasting evaporative media and low pressure drop equal the lowest total cost of ownership.