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Effective August 1, 2023, Kuul Evaporative Technologies, previously a division of Portacool, LLC, has formally transitioned to operate under our sister company, the Condair Group. This transition allows us to leverage further expertise and technology to continue developing the best cooling solutions in the industry.


Experience the Kuul Effect

At Kuul, we are committed to taking care of water because we know that water takes care of us. By merging traditional evaporative technology that has been around for thousands of years with modern innovations, we delivery cutting edge cooling solutions to a variety of industries and applications. By leveraging evaporative cooling technologies we can develop modern solutions to conserve water without sacrificing efficiency or cooling power – that is the Kuul Effect.

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Featured Industries

Data Center

Thermal loads and electronic enclosures must be managed properly to ensure data centers function properly. Kuul evaporative media’s superior water absorption properties and saturation efficiency provide the optimal cooling performance needed in your data center.

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Gas Turbine

Kuul evaporative media technology exceeds the efficiency standards necessary to handle the intense heat of a power generation environment. Our products will ensure your power grids maintain optimal levels of performance.

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The high-quality organic fibers used with Kuul evaporative cooling media for the HVAC industry provide the ability to withstand harsh environments for longer periods of time while maintaining industry-leading efficiency.

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Engineering Consultation

Our goal is to provide sustainable, efficient, and reliable solutions for an array of applications. Using our advanced Kuul Tools™ simulator technology, we can design custom engineered solutions or integrate into existing systems with our Kuul evaporative media products.

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Advanced Evaporative Cooling Media with Kuul Technologies

Kuul Evaporative Media - Evaporative Cooling Pads

The Kuul Effect is a feeling. It’s the emotional delight you experience from the cool, refreshing air provided by our industry leading evaporative media. The Kuul Effect creates the cool, comfortable environment you need.

The same scientific principles which deliver refreshing breezes by a waterfall create the Kuul Effect. Water flows over our evaporative media. When the media comes into contact with the hot air in your natural environment, an evaporation process is triggered that drops the air temperature by as much as 30°F. This crisp, refreshing air is then delivered to your space, providing experience you know as the Kuul Effect.

With innovative designs and superior quality products, Kuul® has become a leader in the evaporative cooling media industry. We’re constantly pushing the limits of what can be accomplished with this technology in order to set new evaporative cooling media performance standards.

We offer a wide range of product lines to address the cooling needs of just about any industry. Our inventory is ready for prompt shipment, ensuring you can unlock the benefits of your new evaporative cooling media right away.

The Best Products with Even Better Availability

With a focus on using the most innovative and advanced technology, our evaporative cooling media products have set new performance standards which expand our notions of what can be achieved. Our diverse product line ensures we can meet any need you may have, and our distribution capabilities exceed those offered by other industry leaders. These logistical capabilities ensure you receive what you need, when you need it.

Satisfaction that Starts from Within

Every piece of Kuul evaporative media pads meets the rigorous standards of integrity that have become synonymous with Portacool products. For over 30 years, we’ve built our reputation by making customer satisfaction our highest priority, and you can count on the best possible experience when you use our products.

Texas Proud, World Renowned

We use the highest quality raw materials to provide enhanced cooling performance. All Kuul evaporative media products are designed and engineered in our Center, Texas facility, and manufactured in our Texas and Malaysian facilities. All materials are acquired in the USA ensuring they all maintain our rigorous standards for excellence.

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At Portacool, LLC, manufacturer of Kuul evaporative media, we have built a global organization with a local feel. It is our belief that our products are only as effective as the service we provide to stand behind them.

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