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Gas Turbine Cooling Solution

Keeping Gas Turbines Cool

Maintain Peak Performance and Energy Production on Hot Days

evaporative media for gas turbinesFueled by the fracking boom and facilitated by the transition to low-carbon energy, natural gas now accounts for the majority of electricity production in the US. Gas turbines benefit from the ability to ramp up quickly to generate power. Because of the high reliance on air conditioning, the demand for electricity peaks on the hottest days.

However, hot days can sap a gas turbine’s ability to deliver necessary electricity. Productivity can drop as much as 20%. Evaporative cooling is a simple, effective way to ameliorate the impact of hot days on your turbine’s power production. Even in humid areas, evaporative cooling on the turbine intake can reduce performance variability by 70%, allowing your turbine to continue providing reliable power when it’s needed most.

Kuul Control PowerGT™ gas turbine evaporative media is ideal for this application. It is highly durable and can stand up under high pressure and constant demand. Its high durability means a minimum amount of down time for evaporative cooling pad replacement. Kuul evaporative media also provides the lowest pressure drop available. This gives your hungry turbine more of the air it needs to work effectively with reduced fuel consumption. With long durability and a low pressure drop, Kuul Control PowerGT™ gas turbine evaporative cooling media is the best value in the industry.

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Hot Days and Performance Loss

As air warms, it becomes less dense. Although a turbine will push the same volume of air at a given shaft speed, that same volume of air will have less mass. The ability of the turbine to do work depends on the mass of air moved. The more mass moved, the more the turbine can push and the more electricity it can produce. This means that when a turbine is pulling in hotter air, it can’t do as much work, and can’t produce as much electricity.

On hot days, a gas turbine may produce as much as 20% less electricity than on a cold day.

Evaporative Cooling Helps You Maintain Productivity

gas turbine evaporative cooling improves worker productivityEvaporative cooling lets you counter the loss of power that comes from using hot intake air. Evaporative cooling lets you turn low-density intake air into higher-density intake air. This ensures your turbine will continue producing at a level closer to its potential.

By eliminating the hot intake air, evaporative cooling reduces power variability and lets your gas turbine continue operating at near-peak production even on the hottest days.

Effective Even in Humid Conditions

Many people have the mistaken impression that evaporative cooling is not effective in humid conditions. While evaporative coolers are less effective in humid environments, the truth is that in real-world conditions, evaporative coolers can improve the performance of gas turbines even in what are considered quite humid places.

In Tampa, Florida, for example, evaporative cooling can still reduce the temperature of intake air by 15° F, helping ensure the air entering the turbine rarely exceeds 80° F, even when the outside temperature approaches 100° F. By controlling the intake temperature, evaporative cooling can cut power loss by as much as 70% on the hottest days.

The Kuul Control PowerGT™ Difference

Kuul evaporative media is the ideal solution for gas turbines that need low pressure, high-efficiency performance at high air flow velocity. Kuul Control PowerGT™ exceeds efficiency standards and pressure drop requirements. As a result, the Kuul evaporative media lasts longer and keeps your gas turbine system operating at high efficiency for on-demand up-time when power generation is needed most. The reliability of on-demand performance is secured by the long lifetime and durability of Kuul™ technology.

You’ll experience the following benefits from Kuul PowerGT™ evaporative media:

This combination of benefits means that your turbines will be better able to provide power on demand, and provide it with the highest efficiency and profitability. It also helps you avoid fines for failure to deliver promised power.

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An Energy Friendly Choice

evaporative cooling for gas turbinesYou’ll experience up to 30% less air resistance compared with other evaporative media on the market. This translates into more cool air at a given induction pressure, which delivers:

The goal of evaporative cooling is to give your turbine more power on hot days. However, the pressure drop from evaporative media steals some of that power benefit. Our exclusive gas turbine evaporative cooling media design lets air flow more freely so your turbine achieves higher productivity with lower fuel consumption.

The Toughest Evaporative Media on the Market

Kuul Control Power GT™ is designed specifically for the gas turbine power generation industry. It is produced with the highest quality raw materials, ensuring it lasts much longer. This durability will save you money over time.

High-Quality Results with the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Kuul PowerGT™ is designed in a manner that provides the lowest total cost of ownership over the longest period of time:

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Kuul Control Power GT™ evaporative media is ideally suited to maximize the performance of your gas turbines. Kuul Tools software assists in performance simulation and helps determine Remaining Useful Life. That helps you get the most out of your gas turbine evaporative media while scheduling replacement before the media fails.

Please contact us today to find out how we can help with our Kuul Tools.

Engineering Consultation

Our goal is to provide sustainable, efficient, and reliable solutions for an array of applications. Using our advanced Kuul Tools™ simulator technology, we can design custom engineered solutions or integrate into existing systems with our Kuul evaporative media products.

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