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Media Scaling Analysis

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What is a Media Scaling Analysis?

Competitors in the field of evaporative cooling systems rely on aging, simplistic scaling indices developed over four decades ago as their primary method for determining optimal operating conditions. While these indices are grounded in fundamental water chemistry principles, their outdated nature limits their efficacy and fails to incorporate advancements in technology over the past 40 years.

The limitations of these competitor models are evident: They merely estimate the driving force behind scaling and lack the ability to predict the amount of scale that will form on the media. Solely focused on calcite scaling (Calcium Carbonate), these models overlook other potential scaling substances. Additionally, they assume that all calcium and alkalinity are freely available for bonding solely with each other, disregarding other potential interactions. Combining these limitations with no consideration of evaporation rate and operating hours per year leads to unnecessary conservative operating conditions and results in an increase in water consumption.

In contrast, Kuul employs cutting-edge simulation tools that utilize industry-leading hydrochemical modeling software to predict scaling accurately. The advantages of Kuul’s simulations are profound: Our simulations encompass over 20 different substances, assessing scaling tendencies at various operating conditions, and ensuring systems function optimally. These simulations consider saturation values that account for interactions among various ions, such as sulfate and chlorides, providing a more comprehensive scaling prediction. Values calculated by Kuul’s simulation tools are customized to suit your system’s configuration and psychrometric conditions, offering precise and tailored insights for efficient and effective operation.

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