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Engineering Services

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Psychrometric Analysis

Running a Psychrometric Analysis using media technical specifications helps engineers and manufacturers to calculate cooling efficiency based on manual inputs unique to their situation.
Psychrometric Analysis

Media Scaling Analysis

Our Media Scaling Analysis service empowers you to predict the life of media based on specific feedwater and operating conditions.
Media Scaling Analysis

Site Selection Consultation

Our site selection consultation provides you the reassurance that wherever cooling is needed, that our media will achieve maximum durability and a successful cooling environment.
Site Selection Consultation

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Are you uncertain about purchasing or replacing evaporative cooling media, unsure about their durability and cooling capabilities? Curious about the remaining lifespan of your current media? Interested in evaluating if evaporative cooling media is suitable for your specific site?

Contact us today for a personalized assessment of your evaporative cooling needs and unlock the full potential of our engineering expertise.

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