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Industrial HVAC Cooling

Evaporative Cooling Media

How Efficient Is Your HVAC System?

evaporative media for industrial facilitiesTraditional HVAC systems require a tremendous consumption of energy, which can become quite costly for building owners in industrial settings. Commercial evaporative cooling systems provide an effective way to maintain proper temperature levels while dramatically reducing energy consumption and costs.

Industrial evaporative cooling media works by drawing hot air through a bank of dampened pads to remove the air’s natural heat and achieve cooler air that will maintain optimal temperatures for your warehouse, distribution center, or industrial building. In addition to reducing your energy costs, evaporative cooling systems will significantly improve your indoor air quality, providing a highly desirable benefit in most industrial settings. The high-quality organic fibers used with our evaporative cooling pads provide the ability to withstand harsh environments for longer periods of time while maintaining industry leading efficiency.

Kuul evaporative media provides several cooling solutions to keep you in control of your industrial facility. Our Kuul Control™ technology is designed to be customizable and deliver the high-performance cooling you need. Our technology provides industry-leading water absorption and saturation efficiency, ensuring our commercial evaporative cooling pads will provide durable, long-lasting results.

Commercial Evaporative Cooling Options

There are three different types of evaporative systems available for industrial settings:

Direct Evaporative Cooling Systems

Direct evaporative cooling systems are the simplest and most popular option. They reduce the air temperature using a process that evaporates water and increases the moisture content of the air. As hot air passes over evaporative cooling pads saturated with water, this evaporation process happens and the temperature of the air will drop dramatically. This cooled air is then distributed through the industrial facility to achieve your desired temperature.

Direct evaporative cooling systems can be used in all climates, although they are ideally suited for use in hot, dry climates. They are especially effective in facilities that have large heat-load removal needs. If your industrial facility is located in a more humid environment, an indirect evaporative cooling system may be a more effective solution.

Indirect Evaporative Cooling Systems

industrial evaporative mediaIndirect evaporative cooling systems also harness the scientific process of evaporation to cool the air temperature. However, indirect systems separate the moisture used for cooling from the airstream, allowing the evaporation process to occur in a heat exchanger.

Indirect commercial evaporative cooling systems utilize the following cooling process:

Indirect systems are very effective in medium to large industrial settings. Because no additional moisture is introduced into the air, these systems are ideally suited to more humid climates which don’t want to increase the humidity levels of the air of the industrial facility.

Hybrid Evaporative Cooling Systems

Hybrid systems represent the most advanced evaporative cooling solution available for your warehouse, distribution center, or industrial facility. As with the other two systems, hybrid commercial evaporative coolers are significantly more energy efficient than traditional air conditioning.

Hybrid industrial evaporative cooler systems pair indirect cooling with a secondary direct cooling stage. The indirect stage will cool your air without increasing humidity. The air is then cooled a second time with the direct process to introduce additional moisture to the air.

During the first stage, hot outside air is drawn through a heat exchanger which cools the tubes through the evaporation process. In the second stage, air cooled by the heat exchanger passes through saturated evaporative media to provide additional cooling.

This two-staged process, often called indirect/direct cooling or two-stage evaporative cooling, is highly effective in arid and semi-arid climates. The use of an initial indirect cooling stage reduces the moisture levels added into the air.

Benefits of Evaporative Cooling

Commercial evaporative cooling systems provide several important benefits for industrial settings:

Industry Leading Evaporative Cooling Solutions for Industrial Facilities

industrial evaporative cooling padsKuul offers several solutions that are ideally suited to deliver optimal cooling performance in industrial settings:

Kuul Control Origin™ is a premier industrial evaporative cooling media providing enhanced cooling performance using superior materials. Our unique design process and manufacturing technique results in reduced pressure drop and greater ROI in any commercial application.

Our Kuul Control MicroTech™ commercial evaporative cooling media employs a unique design that gives you better evaporation efficiency, which in turn gives you better cooling. MicroTech evaporative cooling pads are better suited for limited space applications where a higher-pressure drop is not a concern.

FirePro™ is part of our Kuul Evolution™ series, a premier line of industrial evaporative cooling. By using flame retardant, inorganic materials, FirePro is able to meet the strict UL 900 standards. Industry leading water absorption properties and saturation efficiency enable these evaporative media to respond to fast start-up conditions and changes in demand very quickly.

Keep Your Industrial Facility Cool Year Round

Our Kuul Control™ commercial evaporative media solutions will ensure your industrial building operates at peak performance, even during the hottest months of the year. Please contact us today to find out how we can help.

Engineering Consultation

Our goal is to provide sustainable, efficient, and reliable solutions for an array of applications. Using our advanced Kuul Tools™ simulator technology, we can design custom engineered solutions or integrate into existing systems with our Kuul evaporative media products.

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