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ISO and UL 900 certified, Kuul FirePro™ meets rigorous quality standards and raises the bar for evaporative media technology. It is a fiberglass-based 7mm 45/15 media rated for UL900 fire resistance. FirePro’s unique, proprietary design and manufacturing process ensures exceptional durability, allowing the media to deliver consistent and reliable performance for longer periods of time – while achieving greater energy savings by improving efficiency and reducing pressure by up to 20%.


Kuul FirePro™ Evaporative Media is a cutting-edge solution engineered to deliver unparalleled performance and efficiency in cooling systems, especially in the high temperature environments found in Data Centers.

Built to withstand the most demanding environments, Kuul FirePro is engineered using the highest-quality inorganic materials and a proprietary design and manufacturing process. FirePro’s unique construction ensures exceptional durability, allowing the media to deliver consistent and reliable performance over extended periods of time. FirePro boasts the lowest pressure drop on the market, resulting in significantly reduced energy consumption and operational costs.

Kuul FirePro sets a new standard in evaporative media technology, ensuring reduced power usage effectiveness (PUE) and maximizing the longevity of your cooling system. FirePro meets rigorous quality standards and is ISO and UL 900 certified, complying to international benchmarks for performance and safety.

Features & Benefits

  • Lower PUE. Designed with the lowest pressure drop on the market, Kuul FirePro evaporative media ensures optimal airflow and cooling performance, leading to a lower Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) ratio.
  • Chlorine Resistance. Kuul FirePro Evaporative Media is highly resistant to chlorine, maintaining its structural integrity and effectiveness even with water treatment chemicals and biocides.
  • Media Memory. FirePro demonstrates exceptional media memory, efficiently recovering its shape after high humidity or mechanical stress exposure. This also allows for quick and seamless installation with no worry about damaging the media.
  • Faster Rinsing. Cleaning and maintenance of cooling systems are made more efficient with Kuul FirePro. Thanks to its superior design and material properties, the media enables faster rinsing times, minimizing downtime and optimizing system performance.

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7mm 45/15

All Kuul™ Media Data is 3rd Party Tested by NELS

4″ FirePro Efficiency
6″ FirePro Efficiency
8″ FirePro Efficiency
10″ FirePro Efficiency
12″ FirePro Efficiency
4″ FirePro Pressure
6″ FirePro Pressure
8″ FirePro Pressure
10″ FirePro Pressure
12″ FirePro Pressure


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