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Product Series

evaporative cooling pads

Evaporative Media Industry Applications

Designed to match the needs of every industry, Kuul evaporative media has specific solutions within each series.  With durability and the harsh Agriculture environment in mind, Kuul Vitality is a perfect choice. Kuul Control is customizable for any industry – from Residential to Industrial. Kuul Evolution is a necessity in Data Center cooling and made with fire retardant material. No matter your cooling needs, Kuul evaporative media has a series that exceeds expectations. Learn more about each series below and how they can create a comfortable cooling experience for your industry!

Kuul Vitality™ Series

Kuul Vitality™ evaporative media has been designed for the specific needs of the agricultural industry. This includes poultry, swine, dairy, and horticulture.

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Kuul Control™ Series

With Kuul Control™ evaporative media, you have complete control of the manufacturing process. The control series can be customized to fit your specific need. Typical industries that use Kuul Control are Gas Turbine, Industrial, Automotive, Commercial, and Residential.

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Kuul Evolution™ Series

Our Kuul Evolution™ series is a premier line of evaporative cooling media. These cooling products provide the highest levels of fire protection for your business, ensuring this mission critical task is performed properly at all times. The media is designed for the specific needs of the data center industry.

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Engineering Consultation

Kuul® evaporative media is manufactured in the U.S.A. in a wide variety of products to fit any need. Our experts are available to customize the perfect solution for you!

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