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What is the warranty on media?

Kuul Vitality, Kuul Evolution, and Kuul Control evaporative media have a one year from date of purchase warranty. No warranty is available on…Learn More

How long should media last?

With proper maintenance and water quality, Kuul evaporative media will typically last 5 years or more. For further information on maintenance routines and…Learn More

Is there a correct way to install the media?

Yes. To receive your maximum ‘Kuul Effect,’ you’ll need to refer to the directional label on each piece of media. The label will…Learn More

What is the benefit of DuraPro coating?

DuraPro coating offers a superior level of durability to your evaporative media. It can help extend the life of the media and allows…Learn More

Can I use reverse osmosis or deionized water?

You should avoid using reverse osmosis or deionized water. For additional information on media, please see the Maintenance Guide or give us a…Learn More

How can I clean the media?

A soft bristled brush is recommended to remove heavy debris. Additional information and cleaning steps are found in the Maintenance Guide.Learn More

What can I use to clean the media for scale build up or algae?

Disinfectants used at low and safe concentrations per manufacturer guidelines (ex: chlorine at 1-2 ppm can be a disinfectant). For additional information on…Learn More

How often should I clean the media?

We recommend media to be regularly cleaned once a month following the guidelines found in the Maintenance Guide. The cleaning frequency may be…Learn More

What is the smell and how can I get rid of it?

Initially, new Kuul® evaporative media may emit a slight scent or odor. This typically dissipates quickly, but, to accelerate the process, you can…Learn More

Should I use on/off wetting cycles?

We recommend keeping on and off cycles to a minimum and the media allowed to dry completely once every 24 hours.  Please refer…Learn More

What is the minimum and maximum pH range?

The pH levels should be less than 8 and greater than 6. Please refer to the Maintenance Guide for additional information.Learn More

Just tell me already, how much will it lower my temperature?

Unfortunately, there is not an easy answer for this question – we aren’t just throwing out marketing spin! – there are simply too…Learn More

I’ve heard that Kuul is “better” or “improved” when compared to old evaporative media. What’s that mean?

In the past, we have developed products for the poultry industry and used them for everything. As we have learned more and focused…Learn More