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Agriculture - Keeping Livestock Cool

Cooling Solution for Livestock

Don’t Let Heat Cost You More Money

Agriculture Cooling Solutions - Chicken Coop CoolingHeat is a major challenge for farmers. In livestock operations, excessive heat can cause animals to be unhealthy, which means they won’t mature at the same rate, and more may die, reducing your yield at finishing. Meanwhile, fresh fruits and vegetables can spoil right after harvest if they’re not chilled properly.

Refrigeration and air conditioning (mechanical cooling) are traditional answers to these challenges, but they have challenges of their own. They are expensive to install, maintain, and run. Evaporative cooling is a more cost-effective approach to maximizing the yield of your barns, grow out houses, and fields. Choosing the right agriculture evaporative cooling media can help minimize your expenses and maximize your profits.

Kuul Vitality evaporative media offers the lowest cost of ownership, thanks to outstanding durability and the highest efficiency available. Let Kuul Vitality products improve the profitability of your farm.

Heat Stress on Animals Is Expensive

Animals need to stay cool and comfortable to take in food, experience proper weight gain, or maintain production. When animals can’t stay cool, they experience heat stress, and that causes significant costs to the industry. Some estimate that the total cost to livestock farmers in the US could be as high as $4 billion, broken down like this:

The losses might be even higher. For example, figures in the swine industry estimate that heat costs them as much as $900 million.

The losses can be strongly felt by individual farmers. Heat-stressed dairy cows can see their milk production drop by as much as 9 lbs. per head per day. Grower-finisher pigs can see their average daily gain (ADG) drop by as much as 10-20% under heat stress conditions.

These losses aren’t distributed uniformly across the US. Just five states account for 43% of the losses:

Application Guide For Poultry

At industry standard air flow velocity, Kuul Vitality ViTech™ evaporative media meets efficiency standards and exceeds pressure drop requirements. Not only does Kuul evaporative media last longer, but helps keep your whole cooling system running longer by adding less stress to moving components. Effective cooling, longer lasting evaporative media and low pressure drop for the lowest total cost of ownership.


Evaporative Cooling Is an Ideal Solution for Heat-Stressed Animals

evaporative cooling for livestockEvaporative cooling is a great way to head off heat stress to animals. Evaporative cooling is a good choice because it:

Evaporative cooling is very effective at cooling the air, and can drop the temperature by 30° F under hot conditions while also bringing in fresh air. It doesn’t add chemicals to the air, just some humidity. This solves three problems for confined animals.

Evaporative cooling also has no difficulty in cooling very large spaces such as a dairy barn, chicken coop or grow out house. Air conditioning becomes significantly more challenging when trying to cool a large space. At the same time, evaporative cooling is extremely energy efficient. It uses only a quarter as much power as air conditioning to cool a space.

Air conditioning has numerous small parts and is susceptible to breakdown and damage under farm conditions. Evaporative cooling, on the other hand, is highly resilient under farm conditions. The machinery is simple, and it’s easy to maintain.

Evaporative cooling also gets more effective as the outside air temperature climbs. Under the hottest conditions, evaporative cooling can drop the air temperature by more than 30° F with no additional stress on the cooler. Under those same conditions, AC efficiency drops by 50%, and the machine becomes increasingly subject to breakdown.

Evaporative Cooling for Post-Harvest Vegetables

evaporative cooling for agriculture produceUnder high heat conditions, produce can spoil quickly after harvest. While refrigeration might be necessary to ensure the longest life for some vegetables, evaporative cooling can help preserve some vegetables against spoilage in the short term.

In addition, evaporative cooling can be used as part of a two-stage cooling system to provide the most efficient storage for produce.

The benefits of using evaporative cooling for produce include:

Evaporative cooling provides effective cooling under many conditions. It can drop the temperature by as much as 30° F to help keep crops cool. Using evaporative cooling on produce can reduce spoilage by 80% compared to storing it at ambient temperatures. At the same time, evaporative cooling uses 75% less energy than refrigeration and adds moisture to the air. Since many vegetables store best at humidity levels of 90% and above, the increased moisture helps extend the shelf life of produce even further.

Choose Kuul Agriculture Evaporative Media

When considering the best agriculture evaporative media to help protect your animals and your produce, choose Kuul. When you select Kuul, you will enjoy:

One of the biggest concerns about evaporative cooling pads is how long they will last. With proper maintenance, Kuul media can last 5 years or more.

The unique design of Kuul evaporative media promotes better evaporation. This leads to more effective cooling with less energy spent.

During this time, you will enjoy highly efficient operation with Kuul evaporative cooling pads. That’s because Kuul evaporative media has the lowest pressure drop available. The pressure drop is a measure of how hard fans have to work to push air through the evaporative media. The harder fans have to work, the more wasted energy in running the fans. Kuul media has a 30% lower pressure drop than other evaporative cooling pads in the industry.

Combining the long life of Kuul products and their efficient operation, Kuul evaporative media has the lowest total cost of ownership of any agriculture evaporative media. This helps keep your costs down to maximize the benefits of evaporative cooling and promote your farm’s profitability.

Kuul’s Vitality series is designed for maximum efficiency and effectiveness in agricultural applications. They are specifically made to fulfill the demands of barn and other livestock structure cooling systems.

Want to learn how Kuul Vitality can promote profitability on your farm? Please contact us for more information.



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