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Custom Cassettes

Evaporative cooling media

As the industry leader in evaporative cooling technologies, Kuul is committed to developing innovative solutions that improve the way evaporative media is stored, shipped, handled, and installed. Kuul provides corrosion and rust-resistant evaporative media cassettes that are made in the USA. This is just one of the many ways we ensure you experience the best possible evaporative cooling performance.

What Are Cassettes?

Kuul custom evaporative media cassettesA cassette is a metal housing that encapsulates the evaporative media. Cassettes provide ease of installation with reduced manpower for a multitude of applications. Evaporative media cassettes feature 2-inch width up to 12-inch width.

Installation of your media cassettes is easy and hassle-free. There are rails at the top of the cassette which get attached to the AHU by sliding in or bolting in. When they are bolted in, there is a flange around the cassette perimeter. This allows you to put the cassette onto the AHU and then bolt the cassette into place more easily. It also creates the ability to custom-mount a standard cassette size.

Custom cassettes are already available to address your specific AHU. This is an ideal solution for any business using an AHU that isn’t made in a standard size. Standard cassettes for the most common applications will be available in early 2023, providing plug and play models for businesses that don’t need this additional level of customization.

We also offer drift eliminator cassettes for use in data center cooling applications. Drift eliminator evaporative media is used to soak up any potential droplets before they can hit a server, providing extra protection against your servers getting wet. These cassettes allow you to put all of your data center media and drift eliminator media in cassettes for ease of installment and replacement.

Kuul cassettes can be used in any application where evaporative media is needed, but the primary industries which utilize them are:

Why Do I Need a Cassette for My Evaporative Media?

Currently, most businesses need to fabricate an encasing for their evaporative media on their own using sheet metal. This causes several problems for the end user:

By offering cassettes, Kuul is completing this task for you, ensuring it is done correctly. This makes your media easier to install and takes pressure off of your maintenance crew since you don’t have to worry about fabricating the cassette yourself.

Kuul evaporative media cassettesAdditional benefits include:

Find the Right Kuul Cassette for Your Business

The Kuul team is always available to assist you. We’re happy to discuss the dimensions of your cooling system in greater detail to help you purchase the right custom cassette for your specific needs. We’re proud to offer best-in-class customer service and tech support, ensuring you have an exceptional experience when purchasing and using your cassette.

Contact us today to learn more about Kuul custom cassettes.