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Kuul Evolution FirePro™

Evaporative cooling media

Kuul Evolution FirePro – Meets Strict UL 900 Standards

If you need adherence to fire codes, look no further than FirePro. This technology is made of flame retardant, inorganic materials fortified to provide you with the superior strength that is synonymous with Kuul® evaporative media. FirePro is designed to withstand the demands of even the toughest HVAC environment. Due to its unique material composition, FirePro has market-leading water absorption properties and saturation efficiency, which allows the product to rapidly respond to fast start-up conditions and changes in demand.

Kuul Evolution™ evaporative media is a premier line of specialized evaporative media that provides enhanced cooling performance and reduced pressure drop due to the choice of materials, design process and proprietary manufacturing technique.

Only the highest quality materials are used and all components of this line are manufactured in our Center, Texas, United States manufacturing facility.

Available Enhancements:

  • Custom Cassette


Every piece of Kuul® evaporative media is backed with the corporate integrity of Portacool . For more than 25 years , we have made customer satisfaction our priority and we can not wait to prove it to you.

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