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Residential HVAC

Evaporative Cooling Media

Cool Comfort for Your Home

Keeping temperatures at a comfortable level has always been a burden, but as climate change keeps adding higher temperatures all around the world, that stress has never felt sharper. Residences and families keep growing each year – with this growth, the cost of cooling comfort is taking a drastic incline.

Protecting your family – including pets – from the heat puts pressure on the environment, finances, and stress levels. With kids and pets going outside numerous times a day and the high cost of running your evaporative cooler, you are working overtime to find a cooling solution. A cost-saving, efficient way to stay cool is our Kuul Control Series evaporative media. Adding Kuul evaporative media to an existing system will increase your comfort at home, ease the budgetary needs, and give our environment a break.

Energy Efficient and Money Saving

Adding Kuul media to your existing evaporative cooler lowers energy consumption by reducing the system workload. This can mean your system requires fewer maintenance needs and is lasts longer – this equals real money saved. With market-leading water absorption properties, Kuul Control evaporative media is the premier choice for high-performance cooling.

Engineered to resist tough HVAC environments, Kuul Control is resilient, enduring, and responds rapidly to fast start-up conditions. Kuul Control evaporative media is customized to fit any need. Our Texas-based customer service representatives are a phone call away to answer questions. These features create a better cooling system for your home that has the lowest total cost of ownership.

Keep your family comfortably cool this summer! Contact us today to find out how Kuul Control can help save your budget!

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Engineering Consultation

Kuul® evaporative media is manufactured in the U.S.A. in a wide variety of products to fit any need. Our experts are available to customize the perfect solution for you!

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Designed to be customized for your specific needs

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Designed for longevity in hybrid condensers and industrial industries

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