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Benefits of Evaporative Cooling: Better for the Environment, More Efficient

Heat can have devastating effects on a variety of work environments including gas turbine facilities, data centers, and farms. Whether generated from internal elements or mother nature (such as on a farm), mitigating heat is key for these environments to function properly. While implementing traditional air conditioning might be a consideration, there are more eco-friendly approaches available.

One solution is a fixed evaporative system. Fixed evaporative media technology relies upon the evaporation of water to naturally cool an area rather than refrigerants and tremendous amounts of power. Additionally, a fixed evaporative system can be more cost-effective than a traditional air conditioner due to low daily costs. This cooling option can provide a unique solution that is easy to implement without releasing a tremendous amount of harmful elements into the atmosphere.

Evaporative Cooling Benefit #1: Improve Sustainability

Today, many industries are prioritizing sustainability and promoting responsible work practices. It is crucial to pursue options that preserve the ecosystem without sacrificing productivity or assets. Fixed evaporative cooling is one environmental solution of particular importance to industries such as gas turbines and data centers that require consistent cooling every day.

An overheating gas turbine facility can cause the turbines to run ineffectively. Turbines operate more efficiently with cooled air, which means the air flowing through the turbines must be cooled for maximum energy production. The air temperature should not drastically vary – it should be within the correct range to maintain production levels. Evaporative media systems with Kuul Control operate consistently and efficiently without the need for a warmup period. As a result, this technology can always cool the temperature of the air going through the turbines – even with an increase in energy demand – while still being environmentally conscious.

Data servers emit a large amount of heat while they run. At the same time, the servers perform best in a maintained cool atmosphere. Kuul Evolution evaporative media is specifically designed to provide cooling in a data center to keep servers running at optimal conditions. The system operates on low energy levels, which reduces the amount of energy to maintain the facility. This improves the facility’s power usage effectiveness (PUE) ratio while keeping the servers in cool conditions and reducing the effect on the environment. Data centers are a great example of how a facility can use fixed evaporative cooling technology in conjunction with air conditioning. This is considered a hybrid approach that ultimately aids in overall energy efficiency, given that when the air conditioning system cycles on/off, the fixed evaporative system continues to keep the air at the ideal temperature. The result is a more sustainable, socially conscious cooling solution.

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Evaporative Cooling Benefit #2 Greater Cost Effectiveness

Aside from helping businesses increase their sustainability measures, fixed evaporative systems can provide a more cost-effective solution for consideration in certain industries. For instance, a number of agricultural applications can benefit from evaporative media systems to combat excessive heat and rising record summer temperatures. A farm might implement a fixed evaporative system in a poultry coop where it is important to keep the chickens within an optimal ambient air temperature for egg productivity. Chickens that are too warm use more energy trying to cool down which results in less energy dedicated to laying eggs. Happy, healthy, and cool chickens provide a steady supply of eggs totaling about one a day. Select evaporative media designed to withstand the harshest agriculture environment without extensive maintenance, such as Kuul Vitality, further ensures cost efficiency.

Overall, an analysis of implementing evaporative cooling shows the impact on the environment in the near and long-term, as well as a budget. Thanks to powerful cooling efficiency, significantly less maintenance, no usage of harsh refrigerants, and less energy usage – evaporative cooling can provide a myriad of benefits over traditional cooling methods.

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