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Kuul Customized Cassettes

Kuul, the leader in the evaporative cooling technologies, is dedicated to innovating the way evaporative media is stored, shipped, handled, and installed for optimal protection and ease of use for the end-user. Kuul is leading the industry in customer service and innovation through its state-of-the-art development of customizable cassettes. Kuul is the only manufacturer to offer one-of-a-kind stainless steel cassettes to go along the rim of the evaporative media to ensure the edges have a protective barrier. The cassettes can be customized so the evaporative media will fit the different fixed evaporative cooling systems perfectly.

Travel Safety

Evaporative media cassettes allow the media to safely travel without the threat of bent corners or warped edges. The cassette shields the delicate edges with a strong layer of protection to ensure it arrives to the intended location in mint condition. Rating provider StellaService reported in 2013 that one in ten eCommerce packages arrive damaged. This poses an excellent consideration when selecting an evaporative media manufacturer. Consider delivery details. Does the chosen manufacturer offer cassettes to ensure your delivery is not a part of the damage statistics?


When replacement is needed, using Kuul evaporative media cassettes makes swapping out less of a hassle. Kuul understands that evaporative media systems can have different dimensions. By using the customizable cassettes, clients are able to request the exact size to match their unique system specifications without the need to troubleshoot and cut the evaporative media themselves once it arrives. The Kuul customer service team is available and ready to talk about individual needs to ensure the cassette matches your system to a fraction of an inch.

Easy Access

Cleaning and replacing Kuul evaporative media is not as time intensive when the media is housed in a cassette. The cassettes are useful during the cleaning process because the evaporative media is more accessible, making it easier to brush the surface to remove any scaling that might have occurred. Additionally, when switching out the media, the cassettes effortlessly slide into place. Customers only have to remove one solid piece rather than fumble with smaller pieces retrofitted together for a snug fit. There is no need to reconstruct the evaporative media to make sure it fits the evaporative media system. The cassette is designed to fit the space with no gaps.

Kuul is committed to providing the best care possible and meeting all client needs. The Kuul customer and technical service team is on standby to discuss the dimensions of your system and answer any questions about the added benefits of using customizable cassettes. The cassettes can provide value to a number of industry applications, including agriculture, horticulture, data center, and gas turbine. Reach our customer service team at kuulsupport@portacool.com and (800) 695-2942 to discuss the best evaporative cooling media for your fixed evaporative media.