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Replacement Media – When and Why to Replace

Most things in life need to be replaced – batteries, clothing, furniture, vehicles, and electronics, to name a few. When they are a part of our everyday life, we don’t think twice about changing out the clothes that are worn or the outdated phones because we use and see them all the time. But what about the items in our life that we don’t use or work with every day? Do you know when to replace your transmission? What about your HVAC system? These examples are complicated systems that you may not always know exactly when to replace – unless they break or stop working altogether. At that point, it’s too late to do anything but spend the money to replace the entire system.

Evaporative media is no different than any other system in our lives. At some point, you must replace the media to keep the desired cooling effect. If you are new to the industry or haven’t worked with evaporative media in the past, lacking the understanding of when to replace it can be costly. The flip side is also true – you can replace media too quickly and not get the full ROI. Replacing media instead of following the manufacturer’s guidance on cleaning can cost thousands over the years. Let’s break down some simple ways to know when to replace your evaporative media.

The list above is a good start to knowing what to look for when dealing with evaporative media and understanding when to replace. Now, the real question is: can I increase the lifespan of my media?? The short answer is yes!

The easiest way to increase the lifespan of your media is to ensure your water quality follows the manufacturer’s recommendations. This means making sure you are testing your water quality on a regular basis and treating with the appropriate chemicals to attain the correct balance of all aspects of your water including, but limited to pH, TDS, alkalinity (CaCO3), total hardness (CaCO3), sulfates, and silica.

Kuul Evaporative Media is manufactured to be durable in most harsh environments, but that doesn’t mean it should never be replaced. For questions on your media, when to replace, or increasing your lifespan, contact our Kuul customer service team at kuulsupport@portacool.com or (800) 695-2942. Our team is here to assist you in your evaporative media journey – contact us today!

Discover how to get the most out of your Kuul evaporative media.