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The Ultimate Kuul Product Guide


From the Kuul Product Team | February 2024

For over 30 years, the engineers at Kuul have been blazing the path for the advancement of evaporative cooling technologies for gas turbines, data centers, HVAC companies, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and other industries. Our engineers bring deep experience helping keep Kuul’s line of evaporative media technologies at the forefront of industry innovation. 

Get to Know the Kuul Line of Evaporative Media Technologies

We are dedicated to consistently exceeding your expectations by bringing new, innovative products to market designed to take your operations to new heights and keep your equipment performing at the highest levels. Learn about our extensive line of evaporative media and humidification solutions to keep your equipment cool and your bottom line hot.

Kuul Control Origin™

Common Applications: Warehousing, Distribution Centers, and Other Industrial Facilities

Made exclusively in the USA, Kuul Control Origin™ is a part of our Kuul Control series, a customizable line of evaporative media designed to meet any industry needs. Origin is our baseline cellulose product with 7mm flute size and 45/15 angles. It stands out for its industry-leading pressure drop allowing you to run higher air volumes or optimize energy use to save big on operational costs.

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Kuul Control Origin product shot

Kuul Control Microtech™

Common Applications: Chiller Pre-cooling, Hybrid Condensers, and Adiabatic Pre-cooling

Kuul Control Microtech™ is designed to make a big impact in small spaces. Crafted from the highest quality organic fiber, Microtech withstands harsh environments longer than competing products, achieving the highest rate of evaporation possible. Microtech is a cellulose-based 5mm 45/45 media primarily used in applications where space is a concern, but high efficiency is paramount. 

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Kuul Control Microtech product shot

Kuul Control PowerGT™

Common Applications: Gas Turbines

Kuul Control PowerGT™ is designed exclusively for the gas turbine inlet cooling industry, meticulously crafted to thrive in even the toughest and most challenging environments. Control PowerGT is a cellulose-based 7mm 45/15 media similar to Control Origin, but available in higher depths (12”-18”). PowerGT lasts longer, boasts a lower pressure drop, and operates at higher efficiency than competitors’ products.

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Kuul control powerGT product shot

Kuul Evolution FirePro™

Common Applications: Data Centers

ISO and UL 900 certified, Kuul Evolution FirePro™ meets rigorous quality standards and raises the bar for evaporative media technology. It is a fiberglass-based 7mm 45/15 media rated for UL900 fire resistance. FirePro blows away the competition, helping you achieve greater energy savings by improving efficiency and reducing pressure by up to 20%. The unique, proprietary design and manufacturing process ensures exceptional durability, allowing the media to deliver consistent and reliable performance for longer periods of time.

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Kuul evolution firepro product shot

Kuul Evolution FirePro DE™

Common Applications: Data Centers (in conjunction with FirePro™)

Kuul Evolution FirePro DE™ integrates seamlessly into your cooling systems, safeguarding your technology by preventing the escape of water particles carried by high-velocity airflow. Unwanted moisture can lead to potentially costly damage. The Drift Eliminator (DE) effectively eliminates this concern, ensuring long-lasting protection and peace of mind.

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Kuul evolution firepro drift eliminator

Kuul Distribution Media

Common Applications: All Industries

Kuul Distribution Media is recommended for all of our applications to ensure even water flow across your media for the most efficient cooling to optimize system performance. Distribution Media reduces the potential for carryover and improves overall efficiency by reducing the channeling of water. Learn more about the benefits of our Distribution Media.

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Kuul distribution media

Kuul Cassettes

Common Applications: All Industries – Primarily Data Centers and Commercial HVAC Systems

Kuul Cassettes help reduce downtime and limit the often heavy amount of manpower demanded by the evaporative media installation process. Each cassette is a metal housing that encapsulates the evaporative media. Cassettes are designed to protect your assets and create installation efficiencies. We offer both custom and plug-and-play sizes to address the specific needs of your AHU.

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Kuul Cassettes product shot

ME Series

Common Applications: Free Air Cooling Systems – Such as Data Centers

The ME Series is the world’s leading low-energy humidification system. The touchscreen control panel and intuitive interface make the ME Series a customer favorite. Its innovative design allows for hassle-free service and maintenance to ensure your systems are fully operational and functioning at the highest levels. The ME boasts the capability to produce 2204 lbs/hr (1,000 kg/hr) of humidification and 630kW of evaporative cooling through just one single unit while running on no more than 0.3kW of electricity.

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Condair ME series product shot with technician installing

MC Series

Common Applications: Free Air Cooling Systems – Such as Data Centers

The MC Series is the model for functionality, efficiency, and innovation in humidification and cooling. A single unit can provide up to 793 lbs/hr (360kg/h) of humidity and approximately 245kW/h of adiabatic cooling to an air handling unit, while operating on <0.15kW of electricity. The MC features innovative hygiene functions including automated flush and drain cycles, antimicrobial impregnated glass fiber media, and optional submerged UV water treatment.

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Condair MC Series product shot

Kuul Custom Media & Solutions

Common Applications: All Industries

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Kuul’s team of skilled engineers understands that the solution you require may not fit inside a traditional box. To accommodate unique situations, we offer custom media configurations to help you reach ideal performance metrics and avoid falling into the “one-size-fits-all” trap. We don’t just customize media sizes, but will customize even the media flute angles to ensure you get the best performance for your application. Available customization options are dependent upon volume. Schedule a consultation today to see if customization is a fit for your operation.

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Kuul product lineup of custom evaporative media

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