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Kuul FirePro DE™ Tech Specs

Technical Specifications

Kuul FirePro™ Drift Eliminator (DE) is a two inch piece of media that should be added to your system if air velocities exceed 700fpm. This piece of media is built to catch any water droplet carryover that may occur at high air velocities. This brochure provides the technical specifications of the specialized drift eliminator media in order to assist in maintenance and upkeep for use in data centers and technological environments.


  • Kuul FirePro DE™ evaporation efficiency data charts
  • Kuul FirePro DE™ media technical specifications
  • Kuul FirePro DE™ design information for maintenance and upkeep

Download this Resource
Download the Kuul FirePro DE™ Technical Specifications brochure using the link below to learn more.

low light photo of firepro evaporative media threads up close

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