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Heat Safety Tips to Protect Your Business

Heat is a big danger to your business. As temperatures rise outside, heat is also generated inside your business by machines, people, livestock, and more. If temperatures rise too much inside your buildings, you can incur serious losses.

Here’s how to protect your equipment, inventory, and processes from heat-related losses.

Data Center Cooling Tips

Cooling is one of the biggest expenses for a data center. For some data centers, cooling takes up nearly half of the energy cost – almost as much as running the servers themselves.

Of course, it’s vital to keep your data center cool or the servers will lose efficiency and potentially fail.

If you are utilizing a hot aisle/cold aisle design, make sure you have adequate airflow into and out of the aisles. Air currents that prevent hot air exhaust and cool air introduction can reduce the efficiency of your system and lead to unwanted hot spots in your data center.

To maximize efficiency, adopt evaporative cooling for your data center. Evaporative cooling uses only ¼ the energy of mechanical cooling. You can maximize your efficiency by looking at the properties of the evaporative cooling media. Look for high cooling efficiency and low pressure drop to pick the best evaporative cooling pads.

However, you might not always be able to fully meet your cooling needs with only evaporative cooling. Have mechanical cooling capacity for the hottest days, but utilize it only as necessary to protect against functional losses and component damage.

Livestock Cooling Tips

Summer temperatures can dramatically reduce the growth rates of your livestock. To help maximize your ability to take animals to market, provide them with as much cooling as possible.

Shade makes a big difference, both for the animals themselves and for their water. If you can put your water tank in a shaded area, it will reduce the temperature of the water, making it a better way for animals to keep cool.

For animals that stay inside, it’s vital to regulate the temperature. Moving air is often insufficient to provide cooling for livestock, so try to provide cool air. Evaporative cooling lets you provide cool air at ¼ the energy cost of air conditioning. Choose evaporative cooling media designed for agricultural applications.

Horticulture Cooling Tips

cooling solutions for horticulture businessesCooling is critical in both growth and storage facilities for produce. Evaporative cooling is a great solution for horticulture in both these applications.

First, evaporative cooling offers the benefit of energy efficiency. Getting the same cooling for ¼ the energy cost is a great bargain.

The bargain is even better when you realize that evaporative cooling introduces moisture to the air. This helps keep growing plants and stored produce from drying out. The only major disadvantage of evaporative cooling is that it can’t reach temperatures as cold as mechanical cooling, but for most growth and storage solutions, you don’t want the temperatures to get that cold.

Industrial Facilities

Between HVAC and process cooling, cooling represents more than 10% of the energy consumption at the typical industrial facility. Being able to cut that energy consumption significantly can make a big difference to your facility’s bottom line.

Choose a smart temperature setting for your facility. Don’t make it cooler than it needs to be for the proper and efficient function of your machinery.

Industrial evaporative cooling works great to keep your facility cool, while supplying necessary fresh air. Consider direct, indirect, and hybrid evaporative cooling systems to find the one that’s best for your facility.

Gas Turbines

Cooling the air intake is necessary to maintaining gas turbine efficiency in hot temperatures.

Evaporative cooling for gas turbines ensures a high flow rate of cooled air with low energy costs, which lets the turbine operate at peak efficiency and promotes maximum output.

However, the choice of evaporative media can make a big difference to your gas turbine. Choose evaporative media that provides high-efficiency cooling without providing too much air resistance.

Long-lasting evaporative cooling pads can also improve your bottom line as they can go longer without replacement, offering more time spent at the highest levels of production.

Kuul Evaporative Cooling Media Is the Smart Choice for Your Business

Whether you have a data center, an agricultural operation, industry, or power generation, Kuul has a product designed specifically for your application. These well-designed evaporative cooling pads can offer better performance and longer lifespans. This helps you get better value from them and can improve your bottom line.

To learn more about the best Kuul evaporative cooling pads for your industry, please call (936) 598-5651 or use our online contact form today.